Facilitator-Led Courses

Are you interested in pursuing a career in healthcare? We have several facilitator-led courses in medication administration, Personal Support Worker Aid, and Mechanical Ventilation. If interested any of these courses, please select the button below.

Learning Series

Micro-credentials are an excellent way to explore and complete a series of short courses in a particular subject area.

  • 90 Days

    Learners have 90 days to work through the micro-credentials within the series, assisting learners with training and upskilling at an accelerated pace.

  • Digital Badges & Certificates

    Learners who successfully complete each micro-credential will earn a digital badge and certificate of course completion.

  • Social Media

    Digital badges and certificates of micro-credential completion can be downloaded, emailed, or shared on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

  • Flexible & Online

    Individualized and self-paced learning paths that are skills-focused, flexible, and online.

  • Convenience

    Start today; no application process, no admission requirements, no prerequisites, and open to anyone.

  • Save Money

    Learning Series allow learners to learn more for less money.