Why Take a Sault College Micro-Credential?

Sault College's micro-credentials are rapid training programs and courses that can help you get the skills and knowledge that employers need. They help people retrain and upgrade their skills to find new employment. Start upskilling today with one of our micro-credentials. There is no scheduled class time. You can learn what you want, when you want, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Learn at your own pace using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and take up to 90 days to complete each course

  • No application process, no admission requirements, no prerequisites, open to anyone

  • Most micro-credentials can be completed in under 20 hours

  • Purchase a micro-credential and start learning on the same day

  • Self-directed & Flexible

    Self-directed, flexible, and on-demand micro-credentials that appeal to many learners.

  • Learning Paths

    Build your own learning path based on your interests and needs.

  • Industry-Focused

    Curriculum developed by subject matter experts who recognize the training and upskilling needs within industries.

  • Training and Upskilling

    Focused training for new or career-transitioning employees who need to improve their skills.

  • Digital Badge

    Micro-credentials help employers select job candidates who have the necessary skills. The proof is in the digital badge.

  • Marketable Skills

    Build an e-portfolio of marketable skills by acquiring industry-focused micro-credentials.