Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this field placement experience, learners should be able to:

  • Explore agency related policies and procedures that are commonly found within early years centres and organizations

  • Build positive and healthy relationships with children, families, and colleagues within an early years environment

  • Narrate an age-appropriate story for children within an early years environment

  • Implement an age-appropriate creative activity for children within an early years environment

  • Document daily reflective entries into a professional journal

Micro-credential Overview

To successfully enroll in this micro-credential, learners are required to have completed the following pre-requisites:

  • Pre-ECE Certificate Program's five micro-credentials
  • Three non-academic related training sessions
  • Field placement documentation and required paperwork

Simultaneously, learners will also be required to be enrolled in the Pre-ECE Certificate Program Seminar Micro-credential.  

The field placement course has been designed to provide Pre_ECE Certificate Program students with a non-paid, two-week field placement experience within an approved childcare setting.  Students will be required to complete all course-related material within the program to be eligible for field placement; this also includes non-academic related training sessions, as well as submit required field placement documentation (please connect with Sault College's Continuing Education Department to obtain field placement related documents).

Review the curriculum below to see the topics covered.  

Learners who successfully complete the course will earn a digital badge and certificate of course completion that can be downloaded and shared via social media. 

You will have access to the course for 90 days to work through the content.


    1. Welcome

    2. Learner Introductions

    3. Learner Resources and Supports

    4. Technology Requirements

    5. Privacy and Accessibility Policies

    6. Navigation

    7. Discussion Forum: Learner Engagement

    8. Technical Discussion Forum

    9. Frequently Asked Questions

    10. Help & Contact Information

    1. Welcome and Micro-credential Information

    2. Micro-credential Description

    3. Micro-credential Level Outcomes

    4. Pre-ECE Certificate Program Outline and Learning Plan

    1. Field Placement Preparation Guidebook

    2. Field Placement Required Documentation and Paperwork

    1. Congratulations

    2. You're Almost Done

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