Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this short course, learners should be able to:

  • Provide quality customer service skills that adheres to OLG's standards and practices

  • Resolve customer related concerns using OLG's customer service standards and practices

Learners who completed all six OLG Customer Service micro-credentials will be able to complete this final learning exercise using virtual reality technology.  Learners will be provided with the required equipment to participate fully in this learning experience, simulating the roles and responsibilities of customer service within OLG.  Learners will be expected to contact Sault College Continuing Education and eLearning at eLearning@saultcollege.ca to obtain the required equipment.

Learners will have 90 days to complete this short course, and once they successfully complete the course, they will be awarded a certificate of completion and digital badge from Sault College.

Virtual Reality Experience

    1. Questionnaire

    1. Let's Get Started

    1. What is Virtual Reality?

    2. Video: What is Virtual Reality?

    1. Required Technology and Equipment

    1. Help and Contact Information

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