Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this short course, learners should be able to:

  • Define Customer Care as it relates to Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) Corporation

  • Identify the various Customer Care roles and departments within OLG

This course was developed in partnership with OLG and made possible with support and funding from the Province of Ontario.

In this self-directed course, learners will explore an overview of OLG’s Customer Care department.  Participants will learn about how we provide service and care to the people of Ontario, the different support roles within Customer Care and the different departments such as retailer services, customer support and financial support.

Learners will have 90 days to complete this course.  Upon successful completion, they will be awarded a certificate of completion and digital badge from Sault College.

Please review the curriculum below.


    1. Questionnaire

    1. Welcome to Overview of OLG Customer Care

    2. Introduction

    1. What is Customer Care?

    2. Customer Care Roles

    1. Customer Care Departments

    2. Retailer Services

    3. Retailer Services: Technical Retailer Support

    4. Technical Retailer Services Interaction

    5. Retailer Services: Retailer Administration & Finance Support

    6. Technical Retailer Administration & Finance Interaction

    7. Retailer Services: Inside Sales

    8. Retailer Inside Sales Interaction

    9. Customer Support

    10. Customer Support - Lottery

    11. Customer Support - Lottery Interaction

    12. Customer Support - Lottery Player Protection

    13. Digital Support

    14. Digital Support Interaction

    15. Resource Planning

    16. Shared Services

    1. Survey

    2. Summary

    3. Final Quiz

    4. You're Almost Done

    5. Attributions

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