Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this short course, learners should be able to:

  • Recognize the overview and history of Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) Corporation

  • Identify the business overview and details of operations as it relates to charitable and internet gaming, lottery, and horse racing

  • Recognize the economic benefits of gaming, including charitable, lottery, horse racing, and internet gaming

This course was developed in partnership with OLGand made possible with support and funding from the Province of Ontario.

In this self-directed course, learners will explore an overview of OLG's history and learn about how we've contributed to a better Ontario by delivering great entertainment experiences for our customers.  Participants will learn about the economic benefits of sectors such as horse racing, internet gaming, lottery and charitable gaming.  

Learners will have 90 days to complete this course.  Upon successful completion, they will be awarded a certificate of completion and digital badge from Sault College.

Please review the curriculum below.


    1. Questionnaire

    1. Welcome to Overview and History of OLG

    2. Introduction

    3. 5 Truths of OLG

    4. History of OLG

    5. OLG’s Modernization

    6. Introduction to OLG

    1. Gaming History

    2. Business Overview

    3. Economic Benefits

    4. Interactive Map

    5. Popular Casino Games

    1. Charitable Gaming History

    2. Business Overview

    3. Details of Operations

    4. Support for Charities / Communities

    5. Bingo

    6. TAP ‘N PLAY Cabinet Games

    7. Side and Play on Demand and Games

    8. Break Open Games

    1. Business Overview

    2. Lottery History

    3. Details of Operations

    4. Where The Money Goes

    5. Did You Know?

    6. Lottery Games

    7. Watch ‘n Win

    8. Daily Games


    10. Instant Games

    11. Sports Lottery Games

    1. Horse Racing History

    2. Origins of Horse Racing

    3. Business Overview

    4. Details of Operations

    5. OLG Partnership

    6. OLG Support

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