Here are some of the highlights for this micro-credential.

  • No application process, no pre-requisites, open to anyone

  • Learn at your own pace using a computer, tablet or smartphone

  • Take up to 90 days to complete the micro-credential

  • Receive a certificate of course completion and digital badge for successfully completing the course which can be shared on social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), downloaded as a PDF, or even embedded in an email signature

Micro-credential Overview

In this 6-hr micro-credential, learners will explore the five "Ps" of marketing and the key marketing strategies to get individuals interested in a product. Learners will discover how to analyze a starting position in marketing by carrying out a "SWOT" (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and the importance of segmenting, targeting and positioning a product or company.

Review the curriculum below to see the topics covered.  

Learners who successfully complete the micro-credential will earn a digital badge and certificate of course completion that can be downloaded and shared via social media. 

You will have access to the course for 90 days to work through the content.


    1. Before we Begin...

    2. Welcome and Micro-credential Information

    3. Micro-credential Navigation

    4. Micro-credential Learning Outcomes

    1. Lesson 1: Learning Objectives

    2. What is Marketing?

    3. Types of Marketing

    4. How is Marketing Different than Advertising?

    5. Exercise

    6. The 5 P’s of Marketing

    7. Exercise

    8. When do you use Marketing?

    9. Knowledge Check # 1

    10. Price

    11. Product

    12. Promotion

    13. Place

    14. Exercise

    15. People

    16. Summary Lesson 1

    17. Helpful Links

    18. Lesson 1 Quiz

    1. Lesson 2: Learning Objectives

    2. What is a Marketing plan?

    3. The 10 Components of a Marketing Plan

    4. Market Research

    5. Target Market

    6. Product Knowledge

    7. Competition

    8. Knowledge Check # 2

    9. Mission Statement

    10. Exercise

    11. Marketing Strategies

    12. Pricing, Positioning, and Branding

    13. Budget

    14. Knowledge Check # 3

    15. Marketing Goals

    16. Exercise

    17. Monitor Your Results

    18. Summary Lesson 2

    19. Helpful Links

    20. Lesson 2 Quiz

    1. You're Almost Done

    2. Before you go...

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