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  • No admission requirements, no application process, no pre-requisites, open to anyone

  • Learn at your own pace using a computer, tablet or smartphone

  • Take up to 90 days to complete the course

  • Receive a certificate of course completion and digital badge for successfully completing the course which can be shared on social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), downloaded as a PDF, or even embedded in an email signature

Micro-credential Overview

In this 5-hr micro-credential, learners will explore Change Management and the different models to implement change management effectively and support employees throughout this process. 

Review the curriculum below to see the topics covered.  

Learners who successfully complete the micro-credential will earn a digital badge and certificate of course completion that can be downloaded and shared via social media. 

You will have access to the micro-credential for 90 days to work through the content.


    1. Before we begin...

    2. Welcome and Micro-credential Information

    3. Navigation

    4. Learning Outcomes

    1. Lesson 1: Modes of Learning

    2. Lesson 1: Learning Objectives

    3. Change in Your Own Life

    4. Step One

    5. Step Two Part A & B

    6. Knowledge Check

    7. Step Three

    8. Step Two Part C

    9. Step Four

    10. Step Five

    11. Activity Debrief

    12. Real Life Examples of Transformational Change

    13. Different Categories of Change

    14. Different Types of Change

    15. Knowledge Check

    16. Lesson 1 Summary

    1. Lesson 2: Modes of Learning

    2. Lesson 2: Learning Objectives

    3. Introduction to Change Models

    4. Change Model Definitions

    5. Knowledge Check

    6. Difference Between Project Management and Change Management

    7. Change Management Video

    8. Knowledge Check

    9. What is a Change Management Model?

    10. How Changes in the Workplace can Affect People

    11. Reasons Why Organizational Changes Fail

    12. The 10 Most Common Change Management

    13. Choosing an Appropriate Model

    14. Knowledge Check

    15. The ADKAR Model

    16. ADKAR Model in Action

    17. Knowledge Check

    18. Lesson 2 Summary

    1. Lesson 3: Modes of Learning

    2. Lesson 3: Learning Objectives

    3. Introduction to Communication

    4. Communicating Your Vision

    5. Knowledge Check

    6. Persuasive Communication

    7. Importance of a Communication Plan

    8. Preparing Your Communication Plan

    9. Miscommunication and Misunderstanding

    10. Communication Tips

    11. Active Listening

    12. Importance of Feedback in Change Management

    13. Listening to Accept Feedback

    14. Do Feedback, Not Criticism

    15. Between the Lines of Feedback

    16. Knowledge Check

    17. Lesson 3 Summary

    1. Lesson 4: Modes of Learning

    2. Lesson 4: Learning Objectives

    3. Introduction to Resistance to Change

    4. Importance of Accepting Change

    5. Identifying Resistant Behaviour

    6. Overt Behaviour

    7. Covert Behaviour

    8. Knowledge Check

    9. Why Do People Resist Change?

    10. Understanding Stages of Opt-In

    11. Diffusion of Innovation Theory

    12. Knowledge Check

    13. The Solution is in the Reason

    14. Lesson 4: Summary

    1. Lesson 5: Modes of Learning

    2. Lesson 5: Learning Objectives

    3. Introduction to Transformational Change

    4. Transactional vs Transformational Leaders

    5. Transformational Leadership

    6. Knowledge Check

    7. Start with the People

    8. Context is Decisive

    9. Context is Decisive Examples

    10. The Impact of Transformational Leadership

    11. Creating Sustainable Organizational Change

    12. Lesson 5: Summary

    13. Final Quiz

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