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In this course, we are learning about the transformation of the Canadian Steel Industry over the past four decades and how best to approach applying for employment within it. In this 10-hour online course, you will learn all about finding and advancing your career in the steel industry. Review the course curriculum below to see a detailed overview of topics covered in this course!

  • Take up to 90 days to complete the course

  • Learn how to access and apply for steel industry jobs

  • Receive a certificate of achievement and digital badge for successfully completing the course which can be downloaded as a PDF, shared on social media such as LinkedIn, or embedded in an email signature!

Course curriculum

    1. Module 1 Overview

    2. Brief History of the Steel Industry

    3. Early Days of the Canadian Steel Industry

    4. The Past - "40 Years Ago"

    5. Changes over the Past 40 Years

    6. Present- "What Goes Around, Comes Around"

    7. Opportunities in the Steel Industry

    8. Future of the Canadian Steel Industry

    9. Check Your Learning: Quiz

    1. Module 2 Overview

    2. Introduction to Job Search Process

    3. Importance of Using Social Media

    4. Social Media: Cautions and Tips

    5. Job Search Sites

    6. The "Hidden" Job Market

    7. Check Your Learning: Quiz

    1. Module 3 Overview

    2. Career Considerations: Get to Know Yourself

    3. Introduction to Your Career Plan

    4. Your Education

    5. Your Experience and Accomplishments

    6. Your Personal Attributes

    7. Your Skills

    8. Why Should an Employer Hire You?

    9. Your Career Plan

    10. Check Your Learning: Quiz

    1. Module 4 Overview

    2. Introduction to the Job Application Process

    3. Completing a Job Application Form

    4. Resume Writing

    5. Additional Resume Tips

    6. Example Action Verbs for Your Resume

    7. Sample Resume Template

    8. Cover Letter Writing

    9. 1-Page Cover Letter Template

    10. Importance of Organization and Professionalism

    11. Check Your Learning: Quiz

    1. Module 5 Overview

    2. Interview Stages

    3. Types of Interviews

    4. Example Generic Interview Questions

    5. How to Structure Your Response to Interview Questions

    6. Interview Tips for Success

    7. Check your Learning: Quiz

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Course Developer

Course Developer Scott Haddy

Scott Haddy has been involved in the metals industry for over 42 years. During that time, Scott has been directly involved in a wide variety of disciplines including Operations, Metallurgy, Quality & Sales just to name a few. He was trained by a myriad of experienced mentors who positioned him to manage increasing levels of responsibility at one of Canada’s primary steel producers - Stelco Inc. During that time, Scott dealt directly and indirectly with a wide range of market sectors over a broad geographic base. Scott also held senior operational and technical management positions in firms involved in the metals distribution and processing sectors. He has been involved in flat rolled and long products, in both carbon and stainless steel, and presently provides consultation services through a company known as Metal Smart Consulting Services. Prior to entering the metals industry, Scott graduated from University of Toronto in Health Sciences – Nuclear Physics and McMaster University Engineering Dept – Metallurgy of Iron & Steel Certification.

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