Course Highlights

Here are some of the highlights for this course.

  • No application process, no pre-requisites, open to anyone

  • Learn at your own pace using a computer, tablet or smartphone

  • Take up to 90 days to complete the course

  • Receive a certificate of course completion and digital badge for successfully completing the course which can be shared on social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), downloaded as a PDF, or even embedded in an email signature

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Define key terms and concepts related to climate change (e.g. greenhouse gases, greenhouse effect, mitigation, adaptation) and differentiate global warming, climate change, and weather;

  • Describe natural factors and anthropogenic (human) factors contributing to climate change;

  • Identify the importance of climate emission scenarios and projection models while acknowledging the uncertainties associated with these projections;

  • Highlight the global effects of climate change on temperature, precipitation and sea level rise;

  • Discuss sector-based climate change impacts including: forestry, water resources, agriculture, human health, infrastructure, and the economy; and

  • Identify key global policy actions to address climate change related to mitigation, adaptation and building resilience.

About this Course

In this course you will learn about climate change from both a Canadian and global perspective. The course is designed for individuals who have limited knowledge about climate change. 

Whether you are currently a student, recent graduate, or working professional who wants to better understand climate change, this course is for you! Review the course curriculum below to see the topics covered.  

Learners who successfully complete the course will earn a digital badge and certificate of course completion that can be downloaded and shared via social media. 

You will have access to the course for 90 days to work through the content.

Course curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    2. Welcome and Course Information

    3. Course Navigation

    4. Learning Objectives

    1. Lesson 1: Key Concepts

    2. Key Terms and Concepts

    3. Climate vs Weather

    4. What is Climate Change?

    5. What is Global Warming?

    6. What is the Difference Between Global Warming and Climate Change?

    7. Check Your Learning

    1. Lesson 2: Causes of Climate Change

    2. Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)

    3. Most Common GHGs

    4. The Greenhouse Effect

    5. Natural Causes

    6. Check Your Learning

    1. Lesson 3: Climate Change Models and Projections

    2. Climate Emission Scenarios and Projection Models

    3. Historical Temperature Data and Future Projections

    4. Temperature & Preciptation

    5. Temperature and Precipitation Projections: High, Medium, and Low-Emissions Scenarios

    6. Considering Uncertainty

    7. Check Your Learning

    1. Lesson 4: Climate Change Impacts

    2. Overview

    3. Temperature and Precipitation Impacts

    4. Ocean and Sea Level Changes

    5. Water Resources Impacts

    6. Biodiversity Impacts

    7. Forestry Impacts

    8. Agriculture Impacts

    9. Healthcare, Infrastructure and Economic Impacts

    10. Summary of Climate Change Impacts You May Be Experiencing

    11. Check Your Learning

    1. Lesson 5: Actions to Address Climate Change

    2. Global Policy

    3. Mitigation, Adaptation, and Resilience: Definitions

    4. Mitigation

    5. The Role of Forests in Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change

    6. How Cities are Adapting to Climate Change

    7. Check Your Learning

About this course

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