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In this 8-hour course, you will learn about finding and advancing your career. You will learn how to find job postings, how to build an effective resume and cover letter, succeed in the interview process, and more. Review the course curriculum below to see a detailed overview of topics covered in this course!

  • Take up to 90 days to complete the course

  • Learn how to access and apply for jobs

  • Receive a certificate of course completion and digital badge for successfully completing the course which can be downloaded as a PDF, shared on social media such as LinkedIn, or embedded in an email signature!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Finding and Advancing Your Career

    2. Before we begin...

    1. Module 1 Overview - Choosing a Career

    2. Step 1: Get to Know Yourself

    3. Step 2: Get to Know Your Field

    4. Step 3: Prioritize Your Deal Makers

    5. Step 4: Make a Preliminary Career Decision

    6. Step 5: Go out and Achieve Your Career Goal

    7. Other Career Considerations

    8. Check Your Learning

    1. Module 2 Overview - Researching and Finding Jobs

    2. Introduction to Job Search Process

    3. Importance of Using Social Media

    4. Social Media: Cautions and Tips

    5. Job Search Sites

    6. The "Hidden" Job Market

    7. Check Your Learning: Quiz

    1. Module 3 Overview - Developing a Career Plan

    2. Introduction to Your Career Plan

    3. Your Education

    4. Your Experience and Accomplishments

    5. Your Personal Attributes

    6. Your Skills

    7. Why Should an Employer Hire You?

    8. Your Career Plan

    9. Check Your Learning: Quiz

    1. Module 4 Overview - Applying for Jobs

    2. Introduction to the Job Application Process

    3. Completing a Job Application Form

    4. Resume Writing

    5. Additional Resume Tips

    6. Example Action Verbs for Your Resume

    7. Sample Resume Template

    8. Cover Letter Writing

    9. 1-Page Cover Letter Template

    10. Importance of Organization and Professionalism

    11. Check Your Learning: Quiz

    1. Module 5 Overview - Interviewing for Jobs

    2. Interview Stages

    3. Types of Interviews

    4. Example Generic Interview Questions

    5. How to Structure Your Response to Interview Questions

    6. Interview Tips for Success

    7. Check your Learning: Quiz

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