Here are some of the highlights for this micro-credential.

  • No admission requirements, no application process, no pre-requisites, open to anyone

  • Learn at your own pace using a computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Take up to 90 days to complete this short course

  • Receive a Sault College certificate of completion and digital badge for successfully completing the course which can be shared on social media, downloaded as a PDF, or embedded in an email signature

Course Description

This short course was developed in partnership with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).  This was developed and made possible with support and funding through the Province of Ontario.

In this four-hour self-directed online course, learners will explore Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG) Corporation and effective business writing skills.  Learners will recognize common grammatical errors and how to correct them, as well as identify the keys to effective business writing.  Learners will also discover how tone and voice are used within effective business writing and use effective business writing skills to write professional business emails and letters.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this micro-credential, learners should be able to:

  • Recognize common grammatical errors and how to correct them

  • Identify the keys to effective business writing

  • Summarize the tone and voice of Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation as it relates to effective business writing techniques

  • Use effective business writing techniques to develop professional emails and letters

Course curriculum

    1. Questionnaire

    1. Welcome

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Introduction

    4. Pre-Course Email

    1. Ted Talk: Does Grammar Matter?

    2. Grammar: The Basics of Punctuation

    3. Apostrophe

    4. Activity

    5. Comma

    6. Comma Story

    7. Exclamation Point

    8. Period

    9. Question Mark

    10. Punctuation Video Review

    11. Grammar: Common Mistakes

    12. Their, There & They're

    13. Were & We're

    14. Your & You're

    15. To, Too & Two

    16. Expanding Contractions

    17. Quiz

    1. The Puzzle of Effective Business Writing

    2. Know Your Reader

    3. Answer The Five W's

    4. Avoid Jargon

    5. Keep it Short

    6. Use Simple Language

    7. Avoid Symbols and Abbreviations

    8. Use an Active Voice

    9. Activity

    1. The Basics of Sentence Structure

    2. What is a Subject

    3. What is a Predicate?

    4. Common Sentence Mistakes

    5. Sentence Fragments: How to Fix It

    6. Comma Splices

    7. Comma Splices: How to Fix It

    8. Making Two Sentences

    9. Using a Semicolon

    10. How to Use a Semicolon

    11. Using a Joining Word

    12. Joining Words: Coordinating Conjunctions

    13. Joining Words: Subordinating Conjunctions

    14. Transitional Expressions

    1. The Tone & Voice of OLG: General Best Practices

    2. Persona

    3. Knowing Products & Services

    4. Checking Details & History

    5. Active & Positive Voice

    6. Bottom Line Up Front

    7. What is a Positive Voice?

    8. Branding

    9. The Tone and Voice of OLG Video Review

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